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christ goddamn why can’t I stop puking owowow why this, why me

goddamn why is Platinum the Trinity such a fucking abomination of a character, just chuck that pile of shit into the garbage already, her only redeeming factor is fucking Trinity, yeesh

dat Dio alt for Eliza

dat Tharja and I-No alt too

my Schrodinger’s Sausage is diamonds.

oh god I’m so nauseous right now my stomach hurts but throwing up is yucky

Revving up the face sprites for games ‘n’ stuff.

This’ll do.


- Boss I-No to Jam Kuradoberi, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus (Arc System Works)


the sixth sequence // get out of my swamp

"How many times have I told you… don’t roll around in a fucking mud!”

I spent forever looking at that one FFXV picture of them all in a car and I kept wondering who the bald midget was

turns out it was a shoulder


I should probably get around to actually blacklisting “spiders” lest I suffer another near-heart attack, huh

I set out to maybe do a couple of real quick’n’dirty FE sketches, and then I focused on my FeMU being a Dark Flier (gotta get dat Galeforce), and then I thought “I should color this a tiny bit”, so I did, and one thing happened after another and eventually I ended up painting a whole goddamn landscape outta the blue for one shitty little doodle whaaa