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There’s a lot of opportunity for gangbangs and DP in that RPG hentai game of mine, far too much opportunity, and I swear to take it all, the vanilla will flow in many different formats.

Granted I guess I might put in a few monster rape scenes for if you lose to an enemy, as, um, “punishment”. Of course, that would be the end-all of the game, you’d have to reload a save and try the battle again, but other than that…

There’s just a disturbing lack of vanilla h-games out there, plenty of monster rape or pregnancy shit (as a result of monster rape) and other fetishized stuff, even guro up the yingyang, but barely anything vanilla, and when there is vanilla, it’s gimped so goddamn hard, it’s like the orc gangbangs leave you satisfied but boning some guy in town out of consent and love is just lackluster all the way though. Truly a suffering fetish indeed.

you ever just have a joke hammered so fucking far into your head that you start recognize it on the dot

geez guys why didn’t you tell me making money was this easy,  I don’t even need to have a modicum of talent, I’m going to make a game in less than a day and slap lesbians and feminism into the “plot” (hint: there is none, that’s the twist) and then viral it on reddit and Tumblr until Kotaku’s calling it the GOTY for it’s daring and progressive themes and I’m greenlit on Steam.

Shh. No tears. Only Gabebux now.

I’m really not all that good at designing and making male characters yet, but every so often I come up with a few that just naturally click into place, they’re just that charismatic and memorable to me.

(badly drawn) sketches in reference to that one hentai game I wanted to do, hohum

Originally I wanted it to be one of those RPGs where the heroine gets raped by a hundred monsters but then I told myself, “You know what would be nice? A harem. A nice harem. A reverse harem. A fuckable harem.” And then I started rooting out how that could possibly work without all the guys murdering each other like a bunch of jealous animals.

So now it’s gonna be a true reverse harem game. No “choose one boy” bullpucky, you get to have all the boys whether you want it or not.

SS13 looks like a lot of fun and I think I’d be able to play it, but I’m terrified of interacting with people and I’m not all that good at roleplaying, and I’d constantly be afraid of messing up or making someone angry and it’s all awful

My greatest dream in life is to direct a Silent Hill game and breathe life back into the corpse that’s been mauled over by that bald fucker, but I don’t know if I trust myself to not screw something that important up.

Can’t be any worse that what he’s done, though.

Behold, the best flame I’ve ever painted

hnnnnnnnnnnnng look at that fucking flame, holy shit, someone frame this shit