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Redesigning facesets, this one comes from the same game as that other faceset I posted a while back. New one is up on top, old one is on the bottom. Can you believe that was made back in January? Holy shit.


I am neither Imperial nor Nord, neither Orc or Elf.

I am the last of my race.

The race of Jonathan Joestar.

Shit, I lost my smashed rat sprite, I needed that for my game, too.

I wanna play Princess Nightmare now that it’s translated but man, I ain’t got the room for it on my drive at the moment.

Heard there were delicious male moans and that the protag was great. I want.

"if you tried to fight me I’d knock you the fuck out, I aim to kill"

yes, thanks twiggy little sister, I look forward to more edgy conversations like this in the future.

Apparently one of my sister’s friends could hook us up with a teacup piggy.


Reminds me, some lady fell down the stairs at my mom’s workplace today. No one went to go help her, either, except for mother. She went to go get some tea from the cafe in the place for her, and was walking to the barista about it and you know what that chick had to say?

"Wow, that sounds hilarious, I wish I were there to see it".

Man, some of these petty cunts on this website make me sick. Please, do write some more public posts about how some user is a gross piece of shit for writing fanfictions or for their blog title. Because that’s hilarious.

There’s a word for people like you. Bullies.

I want to try my hand at making I-No’s hat for Halloween, but fuck me if I’m gonna do the whole costume, I ain’t about that life.

squirg said: You must destroy the anime within yourself.

can someone, like, shoot me, because I actually did the “AWAWAWAWA” thing accidentally today and my cringe ratings are off the chart, just put me down, it’s a mercy killing at this point

Seriously, though, I used to be knees deep into supernatural study, it was a hobby of mine. I wanted to believe, badly, but as I got older I started to see a lot of these “mysterious events” for what they really were — people letting fear and paranoia get to their heads and believing coincidence to be ghostly activity.

I’m sure I’ve told this story in the past, but the school I attended for elementary was “haunted”. Starting in my 5-6th year, reports of ghostly activity in the halls, the girl’s bathroom and the music room (which became a classroom in my 6th year) began to crop up by numerous students. People say stuff, heard stuff, and all somehow knew it was connected to a girl who had somehow perished in the girl’s bathroom. Even today, almost a decade later, the stories and beliefs still circulate the school and it’s student body.

How did it pick up so suddenly? Where did it come from? A big load of bullshit and lies, that’s what. One person makes outlandish claims. They start small, and work their way up, relying on using things in the school that are rarely questioned or talked about. In my case, it was a plaque in the hall that said “IN LOVING MEMORY OF…”, a stall in the girl’s bathroom that was all sealed up, and a number of scorch marks on the bricks outside the school, near the general location of the bathroom. Using this, I created a story that went, “A fire broke out here a long time ago. A girl was in the washroom at the time. She burnt up and died. That’s why there’s a plaque on the wall and the stall is closed. Want me to show you the bricks they didn’t replace after the fire?”

Through this, people slowly started to believe in it. People became afraid to go into that bathroom alone, because maybe the story wasn’t real, but maybe it was. Every time someone tried to ask a teacher about the validity of my claims, the teacher would either A) not know, or B) tell them not to question them about it. Which worked out in my favor. The fear and knowledge of the subject grew, and though there was no ghost, people began “seeing” strange things after hours in the school, when they were alone. Papers flying around a room, the piano being played, bare feet under a stall in the bathroom. It grew to thrive on it’s own. I wasn’t needed to perpetuate the lies any longer.

What I’m saying here is that I believe many, many of these hauntings in the world can be explained away by “some asshat lied like a motherfucker and a bunch of gullible wingnuts believed him”. Because I’ve seen it happen, I’ve made it happen. Sure, I’m not proud of it, I was a dumb little kid at the time, but it taught me what can happen.

tldr you should probably be more afraid of lies than ghosts