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Have I ever told you guys about the time I once owed $100 to a bunch of my 6th grade classmates because I bought their votes in an election for something since I  knew I wasn’t popular and wouldn’t win otherwise

all I won was a donut from this, and the teacher actually forgot to buy it for me, I became darkness for nothing in the end, I was betrayed

I have a mighty need for all of the puppets

I’d go and volunteer at the local theatre and try to train there but I don’t think I’m qualified enough.

I am upset because my marionette’s feet are fucking wonky and unbalanced and the strings for the puppet are too light and tangle too easily, I need better materials for this

there are so many strings all over my desk but I’m creating shit so it’s fiiine

I can’t lean too far ahead or laugh or really move my stomach muscles at all because they hurt so bad


thank god for the norwegian language

has a super fucking hard time against Venom players and Dizzy players for some reason


I finally managed to awaken the insta-kill and I was gearing up to actually pull it off but then I forgot that I was on the right side of him and I was inputting 236236 instead of 214214 and it all went to hell because I didn’t block against his own attacks and needless to say I-No got her ass kicked several times

I’m ASSUMING you have to pull off an insta-kill on that stage, too, because he hardly takes any damage AND his health regenerates so fuck you if you’re a button mashing scrub.

At least my I-No game is coming back to me, I’m the sort of player who takes risks and attempts to keep the heat on without resorting to a lot of blocking. I’m definitely awful at fightan gaems but whatchagonnado, at least I try to remember my combos.

Hey, here’s a tip: regardless of who you are, you never, ever tell anyone what they should look like.

I don’t care if you’re a “friend” with a “friendly” suggestion for someone to wax their eyebrows or lose some weight, if a person is comfortable with how they look, it’s not in your jurisdiction to suggest to change them, even slightly, because that throws them right down the hole marked “BODY IMAGE ISSUES”.

You don’t fucking fix what’s not broken. Fuck off.

Sol’s sprite bothers me, because even though I know he’s supposed to be animated to look like he’s breathing, it just ends up looking like he’s pulsating instead, especially in his crouching animation, where it appears he’s rapidly inflating and deflating on the ground.

I ain’t never met a person whose legs grew two inches in diameter when they inhaled is all I’m sayin

I feel like those girls who have the hots for real life killers are some twisted derivative of those girls who always seemed to want to fuck the villains from animus and games.